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Avalon Fire Protection Ltd ensures all systems are efficiently installed and correctly designed. This is vital to providing high levels of safety, regardless of what your fire detection and alarm system requirements on your premises may be. We offer a free consultation and quotes for the installation of fire alarms. Learn more about our credentials.


Summary of our services


"Fire risk assessments

  • A trained and qualified assessor.

  • Full inspection of premises.

  • Detailed written assessment.

  • All significant hazards identified.

  • Risk factor of premises evaluated.

  • Full prioritised action plan provided.

  • Assessments reviewed.

  • All to BSI approved standard PAS 79.

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Fire risk assessment

  • Written assessment required if the business has five or more employees.

  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places a legal duty on the Responsible Person to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment (even if less than five employees)

  • Our Fire Risk Assessments are carried out by a fully qualified and competent assessor to the BSI approved PAS 79 standard.

  • Review of existing assessments available to PAS 79 standard.

  • Significant hazards identified within the premises with risk factors calculated.

  • Fully justified recommendations and prioritised action plan provided.


Risk Assessed

PAS 79 assessment details all significant hazards and provides a calculated risk factor of the premises.

Premises inspection

Detailed site inspection conducted with all significant hazards and measures in place identified.

Detailed PAS 79 report

PAS 79 assessment also includes sections in fire safety management, training, prioritised action plan.

Fire extinguishers

  • Free on-site consultation and quotation provided as requested.

  • Equipment supplied and commissioned.

  • Wall mounting included if required.

  • Documentation provided.

  • Full range of polished stainless steel extinguishers available.

  • Full range of signage available.

  • Full range of fire blankets available.

  • Full range of stands, cabinets, boxes and trolleys available.

  • Extinguisher disposal service available.

  • All to BS 5306- 3 / 8 and BS EN3.


Supply equipment

Full range of portable fire extinguishers supplied and commissioned to
​BS EN3.

Service equipment

Annual service carried out by our competent and fully trained engineers here at Avalon Fire Protection Ltd to BS 5306-3.

Certificate provided

Detailed service report and maintenance certificate issued on completion of service to BS 5306-3.

Fire alarms

    • Free on-site consultation and quotation provided as requested.

    • Fire alarm design, installation and commissioning.

    • Certified EMS wireless fire alarm system designers and installers.

    • Fire alarm maintenance includes annual service and six-monthly periodic inspection.

    • A fully detailed report, plans and certificates provided on completion of work.

    • Responsible person instructed on panel operation.

    • 24-hour emergency callout available.

    • All fire alarms tested to BS 5839-1.


Devices checked

All devices are checked to ensure correct operation using one-person testing kits BS 5839-1.

Panel inspection

The panel is inspected to ensure full operation, fault indication, and batteries checked to BS 5839-1.

Paperwork provided

Detailed reports and certificates provided on completion of service, including recommendations to BS 5839-1.

Fire safety and fire warden training courses

  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places a legal duty on the Responsible Person to train all employees in fire safety.

  • Fire safety and extinguisher use training course available.

  • Fire warden training course available.

  • Courses are held at your place of work at a time that is convenient to you and presented using PowerPoint on an overhead projector (we bring all necessary equipment)

  • The course takes between 2-3 hours.

  • Certificate of attendance provided.

  • Live fire extinguisher use training provided to all attendees (please note live-fire rig is not used)


Fire warden training

Covers roles and responsibilities, periodic checks and inspections, documentation and record-keeping, evacuation policies & procedures and fire safety management.

Fire safety training

Covers legal responsibilities, fire awareness, causes of fire, fire safety management, fire detection equipment, fire fighting equipment, fire evacuation and the importance of signage.

Live extinguisher use

Live portable fire extinguisher use training included in the course fee.  The session covers extinguisher selection, types and use. Fire blanket use training also provided. (live rigs are not used)

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